LSO Design Mounting Flange Instructions

February, 2019

LSO Design Components have "Mounting Flanges" that allow attachment for finished surfaces to be flush with the LSO Design Component opening. The distance between the Mounting Flange and the leading edge of the Component Opening is called the "Exposure Dimension". These Mounting Flanges can be installed "Flange Out" or "Flange Reversed" except for the "C" Series or Ceiling Mounted Series with offset airflow.

If you order the product "Assembled" the "Exposure Dimension" information is part of your order. There are threaded studs on the housing that secure these Mounting Flanges to the framing. The Standard Mounting Plate has multiple attachment positions that allow 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" Exposure Dimensions for Wall, Ceiling and Soffit Mounting Surfaces in the "Flanges Out" position or 1 1/4", 1 3/8", and 1 1/2" Exposure Dimensions for Floor Surfaces in the "Flanges Reversed" position. We recommend that components purchased for "floor mounting" be purchased in "Kit Form".

If you order this product in "Kit Form", no exposure dimension needs to be specified and the purchaser is completely responsible for setting the Exposure Dimension and properly insulating the product before installation. This takes a common level of care and the parts must be assembled in a clean, room temperature environment. Dirt, dust and low temperatures may adversely effect the adhesion of the foam insulation parts. With clean, dry parts at room temperatures (60 degrees plus) all foam parts must be properly aligned and pressed firmly against the housings finish and each other at the edges to seal permanently and avoid potential condensation problems. Within hours, the attachment will be permanent and difficult to remove. Request a material specification form if you have any questions.

The Mounting Flange can be set "Flanges Reversed" position to achieve 1 1/4", 1 3/8", and 1 1/2" Exposure Dimensions for Floor Surfaces. For Floor Mounting, the product edge must be barely below the floor level and not protrude above the floor surface. You must provide clearance for the threaded mounting studs and nuts within the sub floor. Do not force these parts in place without clearance. This will damage the threaded mounting studs and housing.

The "Exposure Dimension" can be modified on site to accommodate "changes", "irregularities" or other special conditions for an acceptable final finish. This is done by locating the nuts with lock washers under the edge of the closed cell foam insulation on the back (framing side) of the mounting flange. Remove the attachment nuts, then reposition the "Mounting Flanges", slightly right or left, to achieve a more suitable "Exposure Dimension" for that location and replace the attachment nuts to secure the mounting flanges. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE ATTACHMENT NUTS. "SNUG" is sufficient for a secure mounting. The closed cell foam insulation is elastic and will "move" with the mounting flange. This procedure takes about 4-5 minutes to complete.

We offer other "Exposure Dimensions" upon request. We can supply "Custom Mounting Flanges and we can also ship extra "Mounting Flanges" with your order at an additional charge.

Given the common level of care and accuracy available in framing materials and sheetrock application combined with the Mounting Flange thickness the dimensions we offer standard are intended to provide an 1/8" additional to allow application of wall and ceiling finishes to the LSO opening edge and for achieve a successful final finish. Floor mounted component edges must be at, or 1/16" maximum, below the floor surface.

The installer must determine what the installations specific needs are for an acceptable finish. LSO Design Components are more accurate than framing and sheetrock. A combination of Exposure Dimension and thin shimming may produce the finest finished application.

Guide to Exposure Dimensions.

  • -a 1/2" Exposure Dimension may be used with 3/8" sheetrock thickness or sheetrock/thin wall paneling or wood paneling applied directly to wall framing
  • -a 5/8" Exposure Dimension may be used with 1/2" sheetrock thickness or sheetrock/thin wall paneling or wood paneling applied directly to wall framing
  • -a 3/4" Exposure Dimension may be used with 5/8" sheetrock thickness or sheetrock/thin wall paneling or wood paneling applied directly to wall framing
  • 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" Exposure Dimensions are set to site conditions most common in Floor Mounting as required. This is determined on site by the installer. We recommend these orders to be purchased in "Kit Form"